Willamette Organics is a regional leader in the move to sustainable farming and landscape practices. We seek to bring about a deeper understanding of the relationship between healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy people and a healthy society. Through the provision of products, services and expertise, we expedite the sustainability movement.


Healthy, biologically active soil is the foundation of a healthy environment. Healthy soil not only promotes hardiness in plants, it also purifies water, helps control water movement, mitigates against pests and diseases, and is natures recycling system for all organic matter. When soils are abused, either through natural processes or as a result of man’s cultural practices, the natural biological balance is upset and soils loose these important capabilities. Recognizing damaged soils and restoring them to health is fundamental to our work at Willamette Organics. A primary tool in rebuilding soil health is the concentrated liquid microbial extract that has come to be known as compost tea. Through custom compost tea brewing with the addition of specific beneficial microbes and plant soluble nutrients, Willamette Organics produces BioSolutions.

We use the term BioSolutions both to describe our liquid product and, since we utilize primarily biological as opposed to chemical solutions to pest, disease and fertility problems, as a general description of our services. We offer BioSolutions programs in both general land care, including landscapes and in agriculture with commercial growers and horticulturists.

Partners in Sustainability

Making a commitment to the sustainable path can involve extra expense, especially when transitioning to organic land care or crop production. It is therefore important to many of us to realize the natural good-will of the community to help off-set any extra expense. Willamette Organics offers our clients and associates recognition for their commitment through our Partners in Sustainability program. We list our Partners on our website as well as provide them with yard and/or field signs identifying them as Partners in Sustainability with Willamette Organics.


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